Thinking of You, What do I do? ♪

All the things I wish ♪

Meu primeiro.

Do The Things That You Always Wanted To ♪

Dust In The Wind ♪

Dream on ♪

All that's left from yesterday. ♪

Make up your mind ♪

It takes a lifetime ♪

He Was Always There ♪

I need to know ♪

Everything I own, smells of you ♪

What is like to be me? ♪

Wanted this way. ♪

I don't know why, but it happens.

I Don't Feel So Bad ♪

If the Moment Ever Comes ♪

Stupid In Love ♪

Said Tomorrow Would be Better ♪

Alright, right, right ♪

And I don't know... ♪

I'm alive, so alive.