And I owe it all to you


To the rhythm of love.

I've never been perfect, but neither have you.

In silence...

Como um peixe nadando, em um mar de rosas.

Don't leave me alone.

That girl is like instant confusion.


Na minha fantasia, o mundo era você e eu. ♪

For the life, I live.

What is forever?

The not knowing part.

Can I write you a love song?

Live life as it is.

So satisfied with little things

Burn this fucker down.


Things were better than they are.

The end of me.

No, no, no, I Can Change.

I Don't Mind It.

Campanha "Não Venda Seu Voto!"

Take It All, Take It All Away ♪

See The Luck I Have? ♪

Dois selinhos *-*

No looking back, and no regrets ♪

Love Is All That I Need ♪

I Don't Care ♪

Why Don't You Give me Some Love ♪

You're obviously the best ♪

É preciso amar, as pessoas como elas são. ♪

Don't Need To Wonder Why. ♪

A Tempestade.

May be ♪

I Have no words to say, For why I feel that way.

I Can Feel You All Around Me ♪

I Watched You Go ♪

Take a Deep Breath ♪

Thinking of You, What do I do? ♪

All the things I wish ♪

Meu primeiro.

Do The Things That You Always Wanted To ♪

Dust In The Wind ♪

Dream on ♪

All that's left from yesterday. ♪

Make up your mind ♪

It takes a lifetime ♪

He Was Always There ♪

I need to know ♪

Everything I own, smells of you ♪

What is like to be me? ♪

Wanted this way. ♪

I don't know why, but it happens.